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The Hunt for 'Read October'

This is the story of Bob O'Lincoln Andrews, a counter-detective. Bob is co-owner of 3D Inc., a counter-detective agency which specializes in surveillance of other detectives. However, Bob gets pulled into a case which has nothing to do with other detectives when he agrees to do a favour for his sister. Bob takes on the case of Anna Rexx who has lost her ideas - literally. Somebody has stolen all of Anna's ideas for her latest novel and her ability to dream up new ideas. She wants Bob to find who did this to her. But there's more going on than Bob knows. A lot more. Is Anna really the victim or is she a victimizer on her own rights? Who are the mysterious people who stole Anna's ideas? Who are the Secret Six who seem to have something to do with all of this? You'll find out if you read the story :)

Excerpt - The Hunt for 'Read October'

"Bomb it, man! Why don't you watch where you go?"

Bob started, wondering if the words had been addressed to him. But a quick look around didn't show any angry people shaking their fists at him. Ah, morning in Kabul City! Always an adventure. Bob shook his head, musing about the city he lived in, and walked through the doors of 3D Inc.

* * *

Shadowing a counter-detective was never easy, thought the watcher, drawing deeper into the shadows[1]. They weren't like ordinary detectives. Your ordinary detective was only afraid of being spotted by his mark. But a counter-detective had to worry about other detectives – professionals at the trade. So they tended to look deeper into the shadows and to double back quite often, even when they went out to get the morning paper.

The watcher had been shadowing this particular counter-detective for several days now. His client had been insistent that the mark was to be kept under constant surveillance. The world certainly was becoming a confusing place. Not only did you have detectives watching detectives but you had people watching detectives who watched detectives. The watcher sighed and looked at the light glinting off the glass door leading to 3D Inc. He wished he was indoors away from the cold, the damp and the occasional sniffing dog looking for a handy leg to urinate on.

* * *

"Bing, how goes the project?" master Poe asked, startling the hapless Bing who'd been about to put a stroke upon the map of destiny.

"Err ... what?" asked Bing guiltily, moving the brush away from the map, lest he put a blot upon a city that didn't deserve it.

"The project," clucked master Poe impatiently, "You remember the important project that master Tink gave you just a couple of days ago?"

"Oh, the project! Why didn't you say so? It's going fine. Great, in fact!" Bing waved his hand non-chalantly to indicate that he had everything under control. The effect was marred by the fact that droplets of paint from the brush had splattered all over master Poe's white robe, creating a design which looked, when you screwed up your eyes, like a dancing dragon. Or an elephant smoking a cigar.

Master Poe looked reproachfully at Bing while the acolyte stared in fascination at the elephant which had morphed into a snake playing football. Or maybe that was an alien ...

[1] Not an easy thing to do when the morning sun was beaming right into the alleyway like a proud mother and there wasn't a scrap of a shadow in sight.

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