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RenX is a shell-extension which provides extended renaming capabilities. It allows you to select a list of files in Windows Explorer, right-click to get the context menu, select Extended Rename from the menu to get a set of extended renaming options. You can change either the file name or the file's extension (but not both together) in a variety of different ways.


  • The ability to replace a specific pattern (multiple times if necessary) in the file name or the extension - great for removing underlines and replacing them with spaces.
  • The ability to create a numbered sequence of names - with options to specify the starting number, increment as well as how many digits to use.
  • The ability to add a prefix to all selected file names.
  • The ability to add a suffix to all selected file names.

Screen Shots

Context Menu

Rename Dialog

FAQ/Known Defects

  • Is there a way to rename a combination of file name and extension? Currently this is not possible. You can rename either the filename or the extension or both individually but not both combined.

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