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As an independent software developer and IT consultant, I've often had to keep track of time spent on various projects. The trouble is, manual time tracking only takes you so far. It can get very complicated, very quickly when you're dealing with multiple clients or working on multiple projects simultaneously.

So, I began looking around for a software solution that met my project time tracking needs. I looked at multiple applications, both freeware and commercial, but could never seem to find that perfect app which combined all the features that I wanted. Sure, maybe there were really high-end apps that would do what I wanted but since the price tag was out of my reach, I had not even bothered to look at them :)

Finally, after so many installs and uninstalls of various time tracking apps, I decided that the easiest thing would be for me to write a small, compact and utilitarian app which did just what I wanted. And that's how Loafer came in to being.

Sure, Loafer is still a bit rough around the edges. It doesn't have all the features that even I might want from it. But at least, it gets the job done and it does it in the way *I* want it done :) If you'd like Loafer to do something extra, then all you have to do is let me know what you need and I just might add that feature in.


  • A complete project time tracking and billing application.
  • Allows you to have multiple project files so that you can separate projects by client.
  • You can add multiple projects to a single project file so as to keep all projects for a client, for instance, together.
  • Each project can have it's own currency and billing rate.
  • Each project can have multiple tasks under it and each task can have a different currency or rate assigned to it.
  • A system tray-based dashboard lets you start/stop project times quickly and always gives you an overview of the total time spent on the current project as well as the amount you can charge the client for it.


Loafer main screen

FAQ/Known Issues

There are no known issues in Loafer at the moment.



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