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BOB (Beast of Burden)

BOB is an FTP batch upload application. I usually need to upload the same files to multiple servers all the time and I could not find an easy GUI app to do this anywhere on the web! Granted, that it is possible to do this simply using a batch file and the command-line FTP client FTP.EXE but when the files you need to upload change all the time, it can become very tiresome to either type in all the different file names or to constantly modify your batch file.

So, I wrote BOB which basically does one job - upload multiple files to several FTP files. I find BOB to be an extremely useful utility for me but you may think otherwise :-)


  • A very small self-contained program.
  • Upload multiple files to multiple sites with a couple of button clicks.
  • You can define your favorite sites in BOB so that you don't have to constantly type in the site information.
  • The Quick Site option allows you to type in site information for one time uploads.

Screen Shots

The main window

The Favorites

Known Defects

  • The screen freezes during FTP operations.
  • Some of the error messages displayed during FTP errors are not meaningful.

User Testimonials

  • Can somebody supply one? :p

Copyright (c) 2001 Fahim A. Farook