May 7, 2022

Tweets for 2022-05-06

  • Apparently the police cannot take action against the thieves in parliament but they are fine with tear gassing and using water cannons on peaceful protestors …

    So are the police only ever useful in Sri Lanka as protectors for those in power? Not the people? 09:06:47

  • Yesterday was a day of mixed feelings.

    The (mostly) lying scum at parliament did what they were expected to do – side with the Rajapaksas.

    But the IUSF protest march and the subsequent setting up of #HoruGoGama and the public support for that was heartening. /1 09:20:19

  • A thread worth reading and thinking about …

    Often, “unity” actually translates to “majority opinion” and going with majority opinion is not a good thing.

    Think individually. Act collectively if your opinions match. 10:08:39

  • Have the police been ordered to do this?

    Or did they decide on their own that protests so near to their “masters” was not a good thing and it had to be stopped at all costs?

    Never mind that people have a right to peaceful protest, eh? Why should the police care about the law? 16:04:32

  • And yet, people go on saying that the police and military need to to be respected. Do they really?

    I am not so sure!

    I definitely am not advocating for violence, but do not put police and military on pedestals. They apparently do not know whom they serve … 19:15:01

  • Maybe Siyambalapitiya is thinking that they’ll appoint him as President since he resigns so easily all the time? 😜 20:24:50
  • Are all politicians in Sri Lanka so thin skinned? Or do their relatives mollycoddle them? And other questions …

    Explanation – @RW_UNP’s niece apparently tried to cooerce the sister of person who’s going to protest in front of Ranil’s house …

    How infantile, or what? 21:08:35

  • Something useful to know (and to use) these days in Sri Lanka.

    Please Re-tweet as much as possible so that it reaches those who can make use of this knowledge …

    #LKA #GoHomeGota #gohomerajapaksas 22:23:02

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