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The WPBlacklist plugin for WordPress allows a user to ensure that all comments posted to their WordPress blog are matched against an internal blacklist. This blacklist can be updated against a central blacklist maintained by Jay Allen for Movable Type users. The user can specify what action is to be taken for any comments which match the blacklist - whether to hold the comment for moderation (default action) or to delete the comment based on which type of information triggered the blacklist.

Download WPBlacklist 2.9 (for WP 1.5)
Download WPBlacklist 2.8 (for WP 1.2x)

WPBlacklist FAQ

  • Does WPBlacklist 2.9 work with WordPress 1.2x (or any other previous) release? No, WPBlacklist is coded for the current stable release of WordPress - it might or might not work with previous versions or future versions.
  • How do I add realtime blacklist (RBL) checking to WPBlacklist? Simply add a RBL server address (such as to WPBlacklist by using the "Add values to blacklist" panel in the WPBlacklist configuration screen. Please make sure that "Type of Expression" is set to RBL.
  • I have installed WPBlacklist but it isn't working! What's wrong? This might be due to any of the following reasons:
    1. Have you activated the WPBlacklist plugin from the Plugins panel on the WP Administration screen? If not, you need to activate the WPBlacklist plugin.
    2. Do you get PHP errors when you try to post a test comment but your comment appears anyway? In this case, you might have certain entries in your blacklist which are not regular expression safe. Usually, this happens when you have an entry in your blacklist with a "/" not preceded by a "\". So, all you need to do is search your blacklist for such entries and either edit them so that each "/" is preceded by a "\" or delete the entry altogether. This happens particularly in the case of URLs where you have "http://" - which should read as "http:\/\/" to be regular expression safe.
    3. Do you have any other blacklist/comment moderation plugins active? There are certain plugins which don't work well with other comment plugins and which sometims put comments into active status when they've been put into moderation outside the plugin's own code. This is even true of certain versions of WPBlacklist prior to 1.22.
    4. Do you have Moderation turned on for all comments? WPBlacklist by default does not apply the blacklist to any comment which are already held for moderation. You can force WPBlacklist to process the comment by checking the "Delete comments which are already held for moderation" checkbox but unfortunately, when this option is checked WPBlacklist does not check the comment against the internal blacklist - it simply deletes the comment. The problem occurs when a user has all comments set to be moderated - in this instance, it is currently impossible to use WPBlacklist. However, if you maintain your blacklist and have comment harvesting enabled, you really don't need to turn all comment moderation on just for fear of spam.

Movable Type Import

This script allows you to easily migrate a Movable Type based blog over to WordPress. While WordPress has an internal script to do the same job, it does not import over the posters - instead, it assigns all posts to the default admin user. This script creates all users in your Movable Type blog over in WordPress and assigns the posts to the correct user. (The following link is named with a .phps extension to prevent it running as a PHP script - download it and rename it)
Movable Type Import Script

B2 Evolution Import

This scirpt allows you to migrate a B2Evolution based blog over to WordPress. I wrote this script since there was no existing script to do this job. However, it was written for the particular B2Evolution release out at that point - it might not work for all B2Evo releases. (The following link is named with a .phps extension to prevent it running as a PHP script - download it and rename it)
B2Evolution Import Script