September 24, 2010

Tweets for 2010-09-24

  • Ah, finally got #newtwitter 🙂 #
  • Is YouTube down or is it now blocked from Sri Lanka? I wouldn't be surprised if YouTube is blocked from here … #
  • Some seem to be suggesting that the whole YouTube outage is a figment of my imagination – since it doesn't happen to them, it isn't true 😀 #
  • Finally have my iPhone 4. Not that I really needed it but it's good to be able to debug issues that seem to plague just the iPhone 4 🙂 #
  • "Bones" season opener is really annoying – preachy, condescending, and … did I say annoying? I did? Well let me say it again, annoying. #
  • "Bones" season opener did get better once you got beyond the opening and got to the "normal" story – much more enjoyable 🙂 #
  • "Outsourced" looks interesting but it's just the first episode. Depends on how the series develops or if it's going to get stuck in a rut .. #
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