January 28, 2010

Tweets for 2010-01-28

  • The iPad appears to be just a bigger iPod. Revolutionary? Doesn't seem like it at this point. Evolutionary? Certainly. #
  • Does search on the iPad let you search by contact numbers? The iPhone still doesn't do that – so what's the use of search? #
  • And speaking of iPad and iBooks, is Apple going to start censoring all the books they put on their store as well? That should be fun 😀 #
  • The search on the iPad (at least using the simulator) still does not bring up any searches by phone number. Not so good, so far. #
  • Apple iPad video – "To hold the Internet in your hands as you surf …" – that's just a retarded line. Guess that's why they invited Al Gore #
  • "And now we have three phenomenal stores!" – Apple's just too full of it's own greatness. Let others say your store is phenomenal – not you. #
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