December 11, 2008

Tweets for 2008-12-11

  • Lots of little things to sort out today. But we also have to get back to Colombo and that means a three hour journey. Fun, fun 😀 #
  • And the ADSL download isssues are back. All downloads time-out after downloading about 2MB … ugh 🙁 #
  • Have to work on another variation of the WordPress drop-in page for Twitter. I like that project – it’s fun 🙂 #
  • OK, just upgraded my site to the WordPress 2.7 final release. Not that there are that many changes (at first glance) but I feel better 🙂 #
  • – danger Will Robinson, danger! #
  • I’m wondering if it’s time to give Gumbo a whirl and see what it will add to Birdie in terms of UI changes/enhancements … #
  • Completed coding on the alternate WordPress drop-in page to display tweets. Seems to work fine but only for PHP5. #
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