November 26, 2008

Tweets for 2008-11-26

  • Creativity is dead in Hollywood. They’re just feasting on the dead carcass of their creativity – #
  • Catching up with accumulated tweets first thing in the morning can be addictive 🙂 But back to work … #
  • Testing Twitter via mobile. #
  • Need to add features to Birdie, have a press conference to go to and have clients with urgent projects. Aaargh, too many things 😀 #
  • The Acer BIOS updater is annoying – it overwrites a higher version with a lower version with no warnings – and the updater runs on launch! #
  • My server (and my host’s site) becomes inaccessible every once in a while … but only from Sri Lanka. What gives? #
  • At press conference to launch new range of notebooks for Sri #
  • Alex King’s Twitter Tools ( is a great plugin for two-way integration of Twitter with WordPress. Just installed on SM 🙂 #

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