April 23, 2007

Blue moon update

Looks as if I’m neglecting the blog again :p A lot of things have been happening recently and I’ve been rather pre-occupied and while I do think from time to time that I should blog about this, that or the other, I get distracted by work and forget all about it 🙂

Basically, I’m kind of working again. I got several freelance writing/editing jobs and so Laurie and I (yes, she’s helping with the work :p) have been kept rather busy. We are doing some extensive documentation for several software apps and have been on a fairly tight deadline – something like over 300 pages in about a month.

Of course, if this was fiction, I’d probably say that I could never do that much :p I find that I can write non-fiction fairly easily and documenting software (despite Laurie’s derisive comments about my convoluted documentation :p) seems to be something that comes easily to me. Then the customer went and changed the scope of the project on us and so it got even more complicated but they were nice enough to extend the deadlines and so we’re still working away at the project and hope to be done sometime in the next month or so.

Somewhere in there I also switched over to Vista and then everybody started releasing new applications and updates and what not and I’ve been kept busy downloading, testing, trying, analyzing and troubleshooting 🙂 But I’ll probably want to do a separate blog entry about Vista and my experiences and so that’ll have to wait for the next time …

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