December 25, 2006

Shameless plugs

I meant to write about .NET 3.0, which has dropped by the wayside for the moment (for me personally) due to the fact that there is no really capable IDE to do development in and I’m too lazy to download the 4GB or so of files necessary to run the CTP of Orcas (the next version of Visual Studio) as a virtual machine 🙂 I also meant to write about Ruby and Rails, which I’m actually beginning to like as a development environment for doing web-based work because of how fast you can get off the ground.

I would also have liked to have written about Eclipse, which I’d taken a look at many times over the years as a possible Java IDE but had always given up because it didn’t appear to be ready – it seems to be ready now, or much closer 🙂 I particularly wanted to write about RadRails which integrates nicely into Eclipse and provides you with an amazing IDE to do Rails development in :p I might also have liked to have mentioned the fact that Eclipse also appears to have plugins for PHP and some of the other languages out there and is now on my list to be looked at as the development IDE of choice. But I haven’t actually tested out PHP or the other plugins :p

So, I think I will content myself with a simple blatant plug for something else totally not development related 🙂 There’s this link on the sidebar for another site of mine named, "Honest, the Martian Ate Your Dog". It’s the first iteration of this novel I’m working on and I’m putting up a few new pages every week. Some people seem to like it. So go on, take a look and let me know what you think 🙂

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