July 26, 2006

Time flies and fruit flies :p

I thought I had not updated this blog only for a couple of days but it turns out that it’s been almost a week! Man, how time flies :p

Unfortunately, I’ve not been doing much in the way of writing the last week or so. It’s been working on one computer project after another with not much time devoted to writing or reading about writing. The good thing is that I’m hoping that I’ll come out of this period away from writing and be more refreshed to continue work on my current novel. But then again, the break might just serve to do the opposite, make me so lazy that I won’t want to write. You never know :p

One good thing did happen to me recently – I won something! I never ever win stuff – except of course for the scams where you always win something and then find that you have to pay for it :p But Simon Haynes has been running a bunch of contests over at his Hal Spacejock blog, giving away copies of books in his Hal Spacejock series. I’ve been fascinated by Simon and his road to publication ever since I stumbled across his site a while back. He seems to be doing really great with his Hal series and I’m really happy for him. But what made me even happier was snagging a copy of Hal book one in one of his contests! I’m over the moon actually :p I believe Simon is planning to give more books away in the future and so you might want to keep an eye on his blog – besides, it’s a good read 🙂