June 28, 2006

Fresh fodder for the comics mill

When DC launched the whole run up to Infinite Crisis, one of the better (and more enjoyable) things to come out of it were some of the new mini-series they introduced – such as Villains United, Day of Vengeance and The OMAC Project. These comics gave the chance for not often seen, second-string (or third or even fourth-string) characters to have their day in the sun. Since these characters didn’t have all the baggage of the main characters, I actually liked the storylines a lot.

Now, post Crisis, DC has been launching new mini-series starring the same characters. First they introduced, the Shadowpact, then the Secret Six and in July it’s going to be the turn of OMAC 🙂 This week, they are also releasing DCU: Brave New World which is actually going to be the precursor for six new mini-series from DC, one of which is going to be the aforementioned "OMAC". Looks as if many changes are on the way for DC characters and lot of money to be shelled out from the pockets of comics characters. Hope I have the time to read all this stuff :p

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Tags: Comics, DC
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