June 1, 2006

A good app is hard to find …

Why is it so hard to find the perfect blogging utility? :p I’m currently writing for another blogging site and so, my blogging requirements have gone beyond simply typing out text and publishing it 🙂 Blog does all that pretty well but Blog doesn’t handle draft publishing or uploading of images via the MetaWeblog API (instead of through FTP) just yet. Since I was feeling rather lazy and didn’t want to spend another week coding these features in, I decided to see if I could find an alternative.

The new Word 2007 beta has some interesting blogging features and it works pretty well as a blogging tool on its own rights. But even there, the image support and category support is limited. Images are only uploaded via http (using FrontPage extensions I assume) or FTP and the FTP upload has issues since the image location sometimes gets messed up in the resulting links.

All I wanted was a simple WYSIWYG editor which would allow me to create an entry, add images to the entry and provide one-click publishing where I could either publish or save as draft and also have all of my linke images uploaded to the server automatically. Apparently, there is no such app as far as I can discover and my own software is the closest to what I want to find 🙁 So I guess I’ll just have to sit down and hammer out more features into Blog and try to get it to the point where I want things to be … unless I find an alternative before then :p

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Tags: Software
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