April 19, 2006

Tech woes

There are certain days (and even weeks) when nothing seems to work right and everything goes wrong. This week has been one such week :p First, Laurie’s notebook computer suddenly developed a mysterious Windows issue and would refuse to display folder information. She decided to reinstall Windows over her existing installation hoping to refresh the Windows installation but not having to re-install all the apps. No such luck 🙁 The install ended showing a brand new Windows installation and no installed apps, prompting her to reinstall all apps.

Then day-before-yesterday, one of my co-workers lost Internet connectivity because somebody cut a cable in her area and knocked her broadband off-line. Then towards evening, my keyboard suddenly went on the fritz leaving me with no recourse but to type everything out using the on-screen keyboard. My notebook computer already has a faulty keyboard and I was using a USB keyboard and that was what stopped working day-before-yesterday.

So yesterday, I had to run off to the nearest computer store as soon as they opened so that I could get a keyboard and get back to work. Soon, after I get back to work with the new keyboard, my co-worker gets knocked offline again, this time because her power went off and her UPS went out as well. By this time I was settling in with my keyboard and discovered that the new keyboard was crap 🙁 The left shift key (the one that I seem to use the most often) gets stuck 50% of the time and I end up with everything in uppercase till I figure out what is happening and go jump on the shift key :p I tell you, there is no winning.

These are just a few of the tech woes this week – there are many more. Some software related and some hardware related. In fact, I’m anticipating a total system crash soon. That should prove to be the icing on the cake :p

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