January 21, 2006

Of basements and books …

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve started work on "Basement of the Universe". It’s going rather slowly at the moment but hopefully will gather momentum as I get deeper into the book. The title actually is older than the current story 🙂 We first gave that title to a story that we plotted out for a story that Laurie wanted to write. It was set in my universe but was about characters that Laurie had come up with. We plotted out the entire story and Laurie wrote the first draft in about three weeks.

After we had plotted out the story, I took certain elements from there and inserted them into "Honest, the Martian Ate Your Dog" since I liked what I’d created. (In fact, I did the same thing with another story we plotted for Laurie but I’m not going to talk about that one yet :p) Anyway, the element that I added to "Honest" became such a big part of the story that when I started thinking about how things were going to proceed post-"Honest", I decided that it would work pretty well to incorporate the original "Basement" novel that Laurie wrote into the series of stories stemming from "Honest" 🙂 We discussed the possibility and I even started a rewrite of the story that Laurie had done so that it could be integrated into my story line better. However, somewhere along the way, we decided that it would be better to leave Laurie’s story alone and write a new "Basement of the Universe" for my series. So, Laurie’s novel was renamed to "Gatekeeper of the Worlds" and my new novel was titled "Basement of the Universe".

Of course, this resulted in a whole slew of changes – one of which was that Laurie ended up with a couple of prequels to the new "Gatekeeper of the Worlds" which in turn is going to be a prequel to "Basement" 🙂 Basically, the basement is a sub-universe in my main story universe and Laurie will be writing the stories which set up the sub-universe. So far, we have planned about 4 – 5 novels in that series for Laurie’s books and that’s not counting the 2 – 3 I have set in the basement for my "Honest" series. It’s going to get rather complicated pretty soon, I tell you :p

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