January 14, 2006

From the depths of the dungeon …

I finally managed to get a release of WriteTrack out yesterday :p This is the second beta release but except for one area, I feel much happier about this release than I did about the previous one. This one has a real-installer (not a self-extracting executable) and also has some rudimentary documentation and better overall GUI help in the form of tooltips. The one area that I’m not happy about is templates. The template feature itself is working now so that you can create a submission letter or a query letter based on a template and have it either e-mailed or printed out for multiple contacts in your WriteTrack database. What I don’t like is how the templates are created. I hadn’t given enough thought to the template entry screen and so the UI is not as easy to use as it could be. The good news is that that issue will be fixed by the time the next release rolls out 🙂

The next release of WriteTrack will probably be a non-beta and so that will probably mark the end of the development cycle on WriteTrack since I can’t think of any other features that I really want to add :p So, I’m thinking of getting back to work on Blog and finishing off all the little things which has contributed to this extraordinarily long delay in the release of Blog 8.0 … On the other hand, there is another completed app of mine which has never been released – PlotCraft. That one’s for collecting all your plot ideas together in one database. The app was completed a few months back but I still haven’t gotten around to releasing it. I need to write up documentation about it and I’ve kept on putting that off :p I’m also thinking about shifting to some sort of help file format (either HLP or CHM) for the documentation instead of the text files I currently use. The text files are so easy to update for me but aren’t so easy to cross-reference for the end user. Guess I’ll have to look into that …

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