January 13, 2006

Inconvenient breakdowns

Technology always breaks down when you least expect it and when it can cause the most inconvenience :p Of course, Murphy said it better with his law but still this fact was brought home to me once again this week.

I had been using Spam Karma 2 for about a month now. It worked well and caught everything thrown its way during that time period. So, with both Spam Karma and Bad Behaviour in place I went off for a couple of days secure in my mind that my blog would be safe. (BTW, I should mention that Bad Behaviour has been doing an excellent job with all that annoying trackback spam. I see a lot of trackback entries – sometimes all I see in my visitor logs is trackback entries – but none of them seem to make it through. Of course, it is possible that Bad Behaviour is blocking some legitimate ones but then again, I’m not absolutely certain this is the case.)

I come back after two days and what do I find? Not one, not two but three spam comments had gotten through everything and were sitting pretty in my blog. I immediately deleted them. I believe I know why they made it through (no, Spam Karma wasn’t malfunctioning :p) but the interesting thing is that this happened while I was away and so couldn’t deal with them immediately. So I’m left wondering as to whether the three comments were just because the first comment got through and the guy kept going or was it just another incident of things going wrong at the most inconvenient time where it could cause the most damage? :p

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