January 10, 2006

Aimless Again

Now that I’ve got the site sort of working the way I want, I am aimless again :p There are plenty of things I really need to do – I need to finish work on WriteTrack and put that up for download, I *really* need to put out a new release of Blog, I should get working on my next novel and so on. But I just don’t feel as if I have the energy to do any of it. I’m taking a couple of days off due to the second of our (meaning Muslim :p) festivals tomorrow. I’m hoping that the time away from computers and work and all the other stuff that go into normal routine will help me recharge my batteries and get back into the thick of things.

WriteTrack is actually almost done. All the major work is over and I have one more section to add – the one for tracking income and expenses. Laurie has been trying to get some beta testers for it on a couple of writing lists that she’s on but we haven’t got that much of a response. There were a few people who downloaded it and one who actually provided some feedback. But then again, I guess one person with feedback is better than none :p

As for Blog, it’s actually ready for another beta release and has been for a while. I’ve been using it to post to WordPress for like the past year or more – I’ve just been kind of reluctant to release it since I know that there are a lot of areas that I personally don’t use which are going to prove to be troublesome. I don’t want somebody to jump in to the beta and then find that they have reduced functionality. So I should actually get off my butt and fix this stuff, right? That’s where the lethargy comes in :p But there are a few niggling things that I really want to fix and hopefully, I’ll get around to fixing those and doing another release after this little break …

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