January 9, 2006

And the winner is …

I was looking around for a mailing list/notification list script yesterday for a bit before I decided to customize one for my own use after all :p It seemed to be the easiest course of action since I couldn’t find even one that had all the features that I wanted. So I went to work, combined the code from two scripts that I liked and finally ended up with something which works (sort of) and is both secure enough and extensible enough for my tastes.

Of course, now that I had the mailing list software, I had to go ahead and use it :p That meant a further site update. The reason I’d needed a mailing list in the first place was because I wanted to provide the option to anybody who might be interested in my book(s) to be notified of any changes or events of note – such as the actual publication of the book :p (Not that I really know for certain that anybody is interested mind you … but there is always the off-chance that somebody is :p) So, I hastened to add a new page to the Books section of the site, add links, set up the mailing list subscription and so on and finally it all seems to be working. If you’re interested, you can go here and check it out yourself :p Don’t expect too many mails to come from that list but I’ll try to send out a mailing every time something of note happens … so whadda ya waiting for? Go on, sign up, you know you want to :p

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