January 8, 2006

Choices …

As you grow older, do you just get pickier or do you simply become more selective because of the lessons that experience has taught you? Or is it just two sides of the same coin? :p I realize that most of the time these days that I at least tend to want more out of software than most software offers. I want it to be simple, easy to use, safe and secure. Unfortunately, most of the stuff out there seems to be lacking in one department or another. One good example was my search for tagboard software recently. I couldn’t find one board which had all the features I wanted and had to end up trying to combine the code from two different boards which came fairly close. Of course, I got sidetracked by something else and that project kind of went into limbo :p

Now, I want a mailing list script. I looked around and while there are plenty of heavy-hitter scripts which will do the job fairly well, I didn’t want a heavy-hitter. I wanted something simple and easy. But do I find one? No :p Either the script has no admin interface at all or it has an admin interface but no protection – you have to go with directory password protection. Is it too much to ask that you have a well-secured script? I didn’t think so but then again, maybe I’m wrong.

So I again took two scripts and started to merge their features together. But then I realized that I’d probably end up spending another week on tweaking, modifying and getting things to work exactly right. Do I have that kind of time to waste? I wasn’t sure that I did. So I’m back to searching for a mailing list script :p Maybe I’ll go with a heavy-hitter after all but the problem there is that the scripts can get so cumbersome that if there is a script exploit, that I won’t know about it till it’s too late. Decisions, decisions … :p

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