January 4, 2006

Accepting Rejection

I’d been waiting for weeks and finally it arrived yesterday – the agent’s decision on my novel. I’d queried around 50-60 agents and out of that lot only 3 bothered to go even as far as further discussion. This agent was the only one who went the whole distance – they wanted to see the full manuscript. They’d been hanging on to the manuscript for about two months now and I was getting a bit impatient about the whole thing because I wanted to move on. So finally, I got what I wanted yesterday :p

It wasn’t all bad, but then again, it wasn’t good either – depending on where you stand 🙂 For me, it was mostly a relief (and no,this isn’t my version of sour grapes :p) I had wanted to proceed with the Print on Demand option since there seemed to be quite a few things going for it and I was getting tired of waiting on agents and wondering and wondering. I wanted to get this book done with and move on to the next one but me being me, I couldn’t do that till I saw this book laid to rest – completely :p Yes, I know the verdict … they loved my writing style and wanted to see any other book I wrote but didn’t feel they could represent this one because they felt that it was too complicated.

I agree with her (and Laurie :p) about the complexity. The story is in four threads and it has a veritable busload of characters. Problem is, I don’t know how to make it less complex. To me, the story would be bland and uninteresting if I took just one or two threads and told the story from that limited perspective. Am I making excuses for my book? Perhaps I am. But at the same time, I can’t help but wonder if everybody would think it was complicated or if people might actually enjoy the chance to read something complicated rather than a linear story which simply goes from point A to point B. This brings me back to Print on Demand 🙂

This might be the best opportunity to simply publish the book and find out where it goes. At the same time, it will free me up to pursue work on the next book – which is a bit more linear but is also more convoluted in that it launches three different threads via three different books. Yeah, I don’t like keeping it simple :p

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