January 1, 2006

Father Time takes a step?

The New Year festivities started early here yesterday. Several neighbours were blaring loud music in anticipation of partying on till midnight and fire-crackers and sky-rockets were going off every few minutes all over the place. What did we do? We went to bed early and Laurie put on ear-plugs so that she won’t be kept awake by all the noise :p

Call me a Scrooge (that’s a wonderful thought BTW – what would Scrooge have done for New Year if the ghosts of Christmas hadn’t gone and messed stuff up? :p) but to me there is nothing special about the New Year – it’s just another day. How exactly do we know that it’s a New Year? What makes it a New Year? Is all the hoopla all about the fact that you get to discard the old calendar and put a new one up on the wall? What exactly are we celebrating? Does anyone who celebrates the New Year with such gusto actually know what they are celebrating? Why they are celebrating? Or do they simply do it because everybody else does it – or because they like to have a good time and any excuse is as good as another?

Personally, I’ve never been one to go along with the Joneses :p I like to know why I do something and I really see no reason to celebrate New Year so joyously. It’s just an arbitrary day in the revolution of the Earth around the sun. Heck the Earth might not be in the exact same position each year when we do celebrate the New Year – and I don’t mean "somewhat close" when I say "exact same posistion" :p I don’t mind the good cheer and wishing everybody a happy New Year. We should be cheerful and wish everybody happiness everyday of the year 🙂 But I don’t see the point to all the revelry, the noise, the disturbance you cause to the other people who might really want to stay up till midnight and all the rest goes with it. If that makes me a Scrooge – put me down at the top of the list of Scrooges :p

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