October 20, 2004

Blacklists keep on rolling :p

After the release of WPBlacklist 2.6, I got a couple of reports about a problem with the path in the installer utility. I had put the path in for my server where the WP installation is in the root server and had not tested things out thoroughly enough to catch the fact that this code would fail if somebody had WP installed in a sub-folder. I’d created a fix and was about to release a bug-fix release when a few other problems caught my eye. So I fixed all of them but then got caught up in some other stuff and didn’t have the time to test any of the changes till today. I guess comment spam is on the rise again because I’ve been getting a lot of reports from people who’ve tried the WPBlacklist plugin and found the error. So, to stem the tide of complaints, I decided to quickly test my changes and release WPBlacklist 2.6.1 :p Enjoy!

Update: Since everybody seems to link to this entry for WPBlacklist, I thought I’d add an update to point to the WPBlacklist page which actually has the latest version, which at the time of this update had a release of WPBlacklist which was 3 sub-versions ahead :p

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Tags: Coding, Site, WordPress
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