October 9, 2004

Funky Dung reminded me over on the RookSoft Forums that I had promised to make available a new version of Cee which supports categorization of fortune cookies. Now while categorization does nothin in the Cee app itself, the reason for introducing categories was so that people could display more than one cookie in Blog – yes, there are people out there who like the fortune cookie feature so much that they want to use it more than once on the same blog :p I had suggested that I could add a new attribute to the blog cookie tag so that you could specify which category to use for each cookie instance and this is where the categorization feature in Cee came in. I had forgotten to implement this and since Funky Dung reminded me and since there still seems to be no new release of HTMLEdit available so that I could get the next release of Blog out the door, I decided to work on Cee instead. So, yesterday I started on the categorization feature and it is more or less done. There are a few UI matters to be resolved so that all categories would display on the UI correctly but once that gets done, I guess I can release Cee 2.1 🙂

However, I haven’t integrated the new change into Blog. So that would mean that I’d then have to go back to Blog and implement a category attribute for the cookie tag. Hopefully, I should be able to get that done in a day or less but as always, you can never be sure how things turn out till they are actually done …

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