October 1, 2004

Oooh, that dirty, rotten spam!

I’ve been working on the next release of the WPBlacklist plugin whenever opportunity permitted the last few days. I’ve not been able to do as much as I would have liked due to the fact that I have guest at home at the moment and they take precedence. Fortunately, I’d done most of the work over the weekend on Saturday and Sunday and all that remained was to add the finishing touches and do some testing. I haven’t really tested the plugin as much as I’d like but it seems to work fairly well and so I think I’ll release it now since I probably won’t get the chance to do much more for a week or so :p

So what is new? I don’t have the time to do a full post here and so, I’ll basically copy over the feature list from the post I made to the WordPress Forum :p The new features are as follows:

  1. Better blacklist management (the ability to delete blacklist entries for instance)
  2. The ability to filter out comments based on not just a full IP but a partial IP as well
  3. The ability to check a real-time blacklist for spam IPs
  4. The ability to search existing comments using the blacklist or a given IP or search expression and then delete the found comments, if necesary
  5. The ability to mass-delete comments in the moderation queue while harvesting details from those comments (such as poster IP, URL, e-mail address) and to add them to the blacklist

If you want to get your hands on the plugin after reading all that, you can download it from here :p

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Tags: Coding, WordPress
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