September 24, 2004

I heard back from Fabian, the developer of HTMLEdit, and he was kind enough to promise a fix for the problems that I’ve been facing with the component and since he’s been talking of a new build soon, I have decided to wait for his build before releasing the next beta of Blog 8.0 🙂 In the meantime, I’ve been using the last build I created for several days now and I find it to be fairly stable since I was able to fix one of the last problems which had been nagging me, yesterday. The problem? There would be extreme slow-downs when switching from the WYSIWG view to the HTML view and I would have to wait over 20 seconds before the right-click menu for a misspelt word came up. Both these problems seem to have disappeared since I replaced the spellchecking component used in the application with a fresh copy. Yes, that’s exactly what I said – I didn’t replace the component with a different component, but I replaced the copy of the component in the application with a fresh copy of the exact same component and it seems to work fine now – go figure :p I did read something on the forums about the HTMLEdit component not liking to work with a shared copy of the Addict spellcheck component but so far, after putting in the new copy of the component, I don’t seem to have problems with sharing. Guess I’ll wait and see.

In other news not related to Blog or Delphi coding, I seem to be getting heavily hit by comment spam over on SM. So far, I’ve been talking about comment spam related development over on SM since that’s the WordPress blog and so I thought I might as well talk about WordPress related development over there. But then, that breaks the whole "development here", "meandering thoughts there" rule :p But I’ve done it that way anyway since I like to try and post in both places several times a week and sometimes I’m too busy to post in both places on the same day 🙂 However, today I had something I really wanted to say over there on SM and then I came into work and discovered that I’d been hit by comment spam again and this time my WPBlacklist plugin had actually not caught the spam – darn it! Of course, a blacklist is only as good as the entries in it and in this instance, the spammer was not in my blacklist. So I immediately rectified the situation, deleted all the comment spam and then decided that I was going to spend some time working on adding all the extra bells and whistles that I’d been meaning to add to the WPBlacklist plugin. So, that’s what I’ll be working on for the next few days :p

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