September 22, 2004

Soul Brothers and other stuff

Do you think people can have soul brothers or sisters? Or at least spiritual brothers/sisters? Actually, that is a throwaway question prompted by the fact that I was going to write about somebody who I consider to be a kindred spirit – or at least of his blog :p I’ve known Tyran for quite a long time now and whether he’s writing about wireless or wagons, Firefox or Frodo, blogs or Barsoom, I know what he’s talking about … Or I can empathize with what he said. I’ve always made it a point to drop by Tyran’s blog first thing in the morning because whatever he writes about, it’s bound to be interesting, if not thought provoking. Which is why it surprised me today when I discovered that I had not been by Tyran’s blog in almost a year! Guess, that’s what marriage, shifting to a new job, going back to your old job again and all the other stuff in between does to you :p

Anyway, I decided to take a day off from coding and scripting and debugging and all the other good stuff that keeps me busy during the day, and catch up on my reading over at the Whinery. Of course, as usual, it was interesting and luckily for me, Tyran seems not to have been too prolific in his own blog output since I was able to get through a full year’s worth of entries in one day. Of course, if you’re interested, you can go over there and read his blog yourself :p

Then there is Nigel with his Red Ferret Journal. I’ve known Nige for almost as long as I’ve known Tyran and Nige also probably has the distinction of the Blog user with the most entries in his database :p I’ve been using Blog longer than anybody (I wrote it after all :p) but I’ve only got around 750 entries when you combine four separate blogs (some of which are no longer active) whereas Nigel has a whopping 4000+ entries in his single blog! Nige (like Tyran) has been a very good friend through the years though I’ve never met either of them in person. And this, probably is the greatest gift that I’ve recieved in the years I’ve been developing freeware applications – the great people I get to know and to make friends with. There are many others that I count as friends but I’ve lost touch with them through the years due to some reason or other but this is in remembering all those people who’ve enriched my life over the years 🙂

And that meandering entry is my excuse for not doing too much in the way of coding today :p Speaking of coding, I seem to have caught my first comment spam with the new and improved WPBlacklist 1.22 plugin 🙂 Unlike the old version, I even got an e-mail notification of the fact that a comment was held for moderation. Now, if I could just add the option to check external spam lists and a mechanism to search existing comments for specific keywords and IP addresses, I should be ready to release WPBlacklist 2.0 🙂 I’m kind of eager to get started on it but I think I should get Blog done first. But if you’re looking for information on Blog, this is not the place to be … DC is :p

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