September 21, 2004

Blacklists and other bits

I talked about this particular bug in the WPBlacklist plugin that I wrote a few days ago as well. I mean the one where a comment which had been held for moderation by the internal WordPress moderation system could be approved by the WPBlacklist plugin because it doesn’t check the status of the comment before running the comment through the blacklisted item list. I got bitten by this bug just yesterday when a spam comment which was held for moderation because it had multiple URL’s in it, was approved by the blacklist plugin because those URLs were not in the blacklist. I immediately added the necessary changes to the code, tested it out and uploaded the new script to my server. Since this is a bug which will affect others as well, I decided to release WPBlacklist 1.22.

However, I didn’t stop at changing just the plugin code. I also attacked another problem which had been bugging me – the fact that I don’t get a "held for moderation" e-mail when the WPBlacklist plugin holds an e-mail for moderation. This was due to the way the internal WP code worked and so I decided to change the code a little bit so that it worked the way I wanted. I’ve included the changes in the readme.txt file in the WPBlacklist distribution but in case somebody is interested, here is a excerpt direct from the readme.txt file … Umm, I tried posting that bit but it really messes up the paragraphs for entries here on SM :p So I guess you’ll just have to read the readme.txt file to find out what you need to do …

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Tags: Coding, Technology, WordPress
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