May 12, 2004

No, I haven’t stopped development and gone into hibernation again :p In fact, I’ve been updating stuff over at SM fairly regularly (yeah, that was a shameless plug :p) But I did have to stop development for a while since we had a lot of holidays and I got caught up in watching movies and doing other fun stuff but then I did get back to development but hit a sudden snag – images in the HTMLEdit component started disappearing on me :p I have written to the author of the component about this but haven’t heard from him about it and am sort of waiting on him. Actually, I just read something on his site which might provide the answer to the problem but I have no idea when this particular feature mentioned on the developer’s site was implemented because I don’t remember it being there originally when I stared working with HTMLEdit – but then again, my memory isn’t always perfect :p

Incidentally I know that some have been suggesting that I should drop the HTMLEdit component altogether since there were problems with it but please bear in mind that both the HTMLEdit component itself and Blog 8.0 are in beta at the moment and that we’ll get all these problems ironed out by the time the final release rolls around. So bear with me while we slowly (but surely) fix these things one by one 🙂

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