March 9, 2004

There have been concerned queries as well as complaints in private e-mails about my long absence and the non-appearance of any updates to Blog :p Let me tackle those two issues in a quick update. My absence is due to work, work and even more work :p I haven’t even had time for updates since I’ve been running from meeting to meeting, coding over the weekends and even providing support for work related stuff over the weekends. It has been very rewarding both results-wise and financially. What can I say? I need the money 🙂 Now, I’m busy doing even more work since one of the projects/organizations I’m involved with is heavily involved in the ongoing peace process in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan parliament was dissolved a while back and fresh elections were called for the 2nd of April. That means a lot of work and a lot of monitoring since in this country, elections inevitably lead to violence. The organization I work with/for is involved in providing election monitoring support and ensuring that we try to have a peaceful election. This means a lot of work in the next few weeks and so, I’m probably not going to have much time for updates. After that, I guess we’ll see – and I’ll also have more info about what I’m up to after that.

As for the complaints, all I can say is that Blog is free software. I don’t charge for you using it. So, don’t complain if you don’t get support or don’t get regular program updates since I have to work things around my real life and my work which actually pays the bills :p I’ve had people complain about the delays, about me charging for support and about the fact that Blog isn’t as easy to set up as it could be. Again, if you paid for it, I would understand all your complaints and do my utmost to fix it … but you aren’t paying for it. So keep the complaints to yourselves – at least, don’t bother me with it since as busy as I am right now, it just pisses me off :p

On the other hand, I must thank Tyran especially for taking up the slack on my behalf and helping out people on the forums. He has been invaluable and he’s doing this for free on his own time just so that he can help others. So show some appreciation and at least thank him 🙂 I really don’t have much time anymore and respond to only issues that seem important on the forums. Bear with me. Hopefully, things will get a little less hectic soon …

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