October 26, 2003

Another month, another entry …

Boy, how time passes! It’s been more than a month since my last entry and I really haven’t noticed the passage of time at all! Ah well, what can I say except that I’ve been busy? :p I’ve been coding up a storm, working and to top it all off, I’m probably going to start writing again too 🙂 And when I say writing, I don’t mean here on the blog (unfortunately, my blogs are probably going to be the ones to suffer because of my writing – ironic since I used to write the most here) but for actual publications … I used to do quite a bit of writing for a local Sunday newspaper before I got into the whole blogging thing but that was about seven or eight years ago. Then I left for the US and most (if not all) of my writing got targeted for an online audience. When I came back to Sri Lanka, I thought of writing again for the newspaper but things never seemed to work out and I sort of forgot all about it.

Then last week, a friend of mine that I used to work with visited my workplace and she asked me if I’d want to do a piece on gadgets for her since she publishes a magazine here in Sri Lanka. I said sure and since she wanted it that day itself, dashed off about a page on my Sony Ericsson P800. In the evening, I received an SMS from her saying that she loved the article and asking me if I’d like to do it on a monthly basis for her and I said, sure. The next day, I decided to give my editor at the old newspaper a call and say “Hi” since the whole article thing brought up memories of writing for the newspaper. I call her and she says “I’ve been meaning to call you since I wanted you to think about writing a column for us again” and I was again set off wondering about whether there are is anything called a coincidence :p We discussed several ideas and as the day progressed, I began thinking more and more about one particular idea we’d discussed and by the end of the day, I was ready to write the article 🙂

I have this habit of going the whole hog when I do a regular column, I design the logo, I do the graphic and then I also do the column since I have a particular look or feel in mind and so I try to get my whole vision out – not just the words. This time was no exception – I scouted around for a specific graphic to convey the idea I had in mind and then worked over the weekend in creating a logo that I was happy with. I can’t say that I’m totally happy with the final product since I was kind of limited by the fonts on my machine but I decided to go with what I had and move on to the article itself – which I think I finished within an hour 🙂 Now I’ve got all the pieces together but my editor still has not seen it and I have no idea if she will even like it … Guess I’ll find out when I present it to her this week and if she does, I’ll be writing again weekly – and never fear, I’ll post a link here to the online version of the paper so that you can read every word that I write – if you want to read them that is 🙂

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