May 23, 2003

The PNG image addition has been coded as well for Blog and the image parsing at the time of publishing to set up the proper paths for the images. Of course, none of the above changes have been tested yet and so a new release will have to wait till the testing is complete. That and the fixing/looking at of a couple of bugs reported by different people. One has to do with images (or rather, I think it was entries) not being published the first time a post with images is published. This seems to happen only with an alternate image directory rather than when the images are on the same folder as the blog pages but I’ll have to look into this problem (which I thought I’d fixed with the help of Nigel) again once I get the current testing done.

The other problem is another one I thought I’d fixed – archives dropping off the archive table of contents if there is only one entry for a given month or – something along those lines. I’ve got the data from the user who had the problem but haven’t been able to test this till now due to the fact that the code was being worked on and there was no way to do any testing in the interim. So, hopefully I’ll be able to look at all this stuff over the weekend and perhaps even do the 7.2 release by Monday. A word of caution here though, even though I will be using full version numbers till we get to 8.0 and mixing in any bug fixes along the way, these releases are to be considered beta releases and so to be used only by those who’d want to mess with beta software :p The reason that these will be beta releases is the fact that I’m doing a lot of internal changes and might not have the time to test out all the different internal interactions and how they might (or might not) work. So I’m hoping that somebody brave enough to test the beta releases will find the problems and tell me while I work on adding the rest of the features :p Oh yes, some features are incomplete – like the 7.2 release will probably only have the WYSIWYG look on the main entry window – all others will have the old HTML edit look till I know for sure that the WYSIWYG component works fine.

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