May 3, 2003

Of men, women, moments and wonders …

This entry goes out specially for my head fan who’s been asking me how come there have not been any new entries in a while :p Why have there been no new entries in a while? That is a tale for another day – if I care to tell it :p But here is something that struck my fancy … I was out for most of the morning and came in to catch the middle of a movie on TV called "Desert Gamble". It had these three characters who ostensibly meet up by accident (I didn’t see that bit) who get to know each other and as the story progresses we see connections and threads running through the story that connects and binds them. Of the three – one is a guy named Harry who has separated from his wife, who has taken everything of his including his dog and gone off. The second is a woman named Pat (I’m not sure about the name there) who has divorced her husband who she thinks has been cheating on her but still longs to be with him. The third is a woman named Edie who is going to be married and is waiting to meet her fiance.

As the story progresses, we learn that Harry actually cheated on his wife (because he was so used to her he says) but didn’t consider it cheating since the women "were just passing through" (according to Harry). We also learn that Harry and Pat seem to have some sort of a connection after several encounters and that the man Edie is going to marry is Pat’s ex-husband. There was one moment in the movie where the three characters just walk along and talk about their lives and how certain things came to be and you wonder about human interactions and whether any of truly know where we are going and where each person we meet has been and how our paths may have crossed at some point without us even being aware of it. OK, maybe it’s just me or maybe it wasn’t that particular scene as the whole movie but it was an interesting movie in that it made me think about how we interact with all those around us and how sometimes our lives touch those of others without us even being aware of the fact.

The movie ends with Harry finding romance with Pat and Edie discovering that she is actually marrying Pat’s ex- but still deciding to go ahead with it (though she does tell Pat that her ex- has "got a bumpy ride ahead of him" :p). It left me with a warm feeling (maybe it was all that country music since I enjoy country music) but maybe it was the fact that however scarred we may be by things that went on in our lives, there is always the hope that we can find happiness again as long as we have hope 🙂

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