May 1, 2003

Sinesolis was kind enough to write to me as soon as he’d seen yesterday’s post and offer to do more icons – he’s always been a great guy like that and I really am thankful to know that there are such nice people like him out there 🙂 Thanks again Sinesolis! I did do all the icons on my own in Axialis Icon Workshop as an interim measure and have the new UI mostly working. The edit toolbar has grown enormously and now actually takes up two rows. It looks a bit cluttered to me honestly and I’m beginning to wonder if it indeed is too busy – I guess I’ll have to post a screenshot for you to actually see what I’m talking about. I’ll probably do that tomorrow if I can get the new build upto the level of posting an entry with a link since then I can do all that from the new build itself and so test out the publishing part of it too :p

So far, the text formatting stuff in the WYSIWYG editor works fine and I’ve also added an HTML view where you can still see the text in all it’s HTML tagged glory and since I’m still using the PlusMemo component for the HTML view, you still get all the colour coded HTML tags. However, the formatting toolbars become disabled in the HTML view and so you’ll either have to depend on custom code snippets or code it in by hand :p I did add a new option where you can specify what the default view should be – so those who like HTML can always start off in HTML. I should warn here that while tables are supported in WYSIWYG view, WPTools does not support embedding tables within tables (or maybe that’s just for HTML files) and so you might not be able to do a lot of stuff with tables, but table support is there in WYSIWYG mode.

There are problems however – the first one I came across was the fact that adding hyperlinks in WYSIWYG mode is kind of oversimplified. To add a hyperlink, you have to (in the code of course) use a function which inserts the URL and the text for the link. Now I wanted more control such as to be able to specify the target etc. I don’t know if that is possible with the hyperlink insertion function since I haven’t worked with WPTools too much before this. Guess I’ll have to start doing some experimenting. Hopefully, it’ll work because if not, I’m going to have to either find a workaround or talk to the WPTools developer and that’ll mean time wasted and I hate that …

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