April 14, 2003

It’s been a while again since I’ve posted here but most of what I’ve had to say the last few days has been more for SM than for here :p I’ve not been doing much coding but a lot of tinkering around – with the hardware on my desktop, with video codecs in order to figure out the best conversion formats and with quite a bit of audio and video software in order to figure out about a few edits I was planning. I’ve not had much time to mess around with my site in the middle of all this but I saw this neat script to add collapsible lists to your site while trying to do something for a friend. I like the concept and while I am not sure how well it will work with non-IE browsers, decided to give it a go on the sidebar since I do have a lot of stuff on the sidebar and it looks a bit untidy <g> So here goes .. if things break, I’ll probably fix it in a day or two when I get around to it :p

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Tags: General
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