March 16, 2003

Emigrations part deux

Sometimes I think that there really must be somebody who’s monitoring my life and pulling the strings :p No sooner had I posted my entry yesterday about my thoughts of emigrating to Canada (incidentally, a great big thank you to all my Canadian friends who warmly welcomed even the idea of me coming over :p) than I received an e-mail from the consultancy firm which had originally got me started thinking about the whole Canadian thing … and they said that I wasn’t eligible to apply for permanent residency and that I could try for entry on a student visa if I wanted to. Bummer!

However, Kim was kind enough to point me in the direction of the Canadian immigration web site and I realized that the consultancy firm had simply taken my information to do the self-assessment test that the Canadian immigration site had to see if you qualified to enter the country under the skilled worker category. So, I did the test myself and found that I … failed :p I got 67 whereas you needed 75 to pass. I found out that my score would go up to 72 if I had family in Canada – I actually do in that there are some people related to my mother who are there but I’ve never even met them … The point at which I really failed was the employment part since if I had an offer of employment from a Canadian firm, I would have hit the 75 marks necessary to pass. Of course, this was just an online test and passing it would not guarantee that I’d really be allowed to enter Canada and I guess the converse is true too though I have a feeling that would be more unlikely :p

However, all of this has set me thinking and I am indeed considering Canada and thinking of looking at employment opportunities there too in the hope that I will actually find some employer who is willing to give me a chance if I am able to get to Canada. I’ve also decided to look at the immigration web sites for a few other countries that I’m interested in and see if they too have such self-assessment tests and stuff so that I can see if there is some other country which might be more amenable towards me being a permanent resident there. Guess it all helps to pass the time if nothing else :p

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