January 22, 2003

I heard back from my contact about the sub-contracting project – looks as if it’s still on 🙂 We are still discussing details since he’s talking to his client who’s got to talk to their client – I have no idea how far down the chain I actually am :p But I did enhance the base CSV reader component yesterday by adding my own parsing routine. I set up a fairly complex CSV file – commas inside a value field, quotes within a string field … that’s all I could think of – and ran it through the new component and it worked beautifully 🙂 So I guess I am basically done with the base component since I can’t think of any further enhancements. I guess I’ll have to start work on the derived CSV component or start work on something else but since I have a habit of losing momentum once I stop a project, I probably shouldn’t do that – especially since this is a paying project 🙂

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