January 17, 2003

I’ve put up yet another layout :p This time it’s water-based as opposed to the sand-based one I had up before 🙂 Incidentally, while I see the validity of Duane’s comment on the layouts not being professional, I really don’t see this site as a business :p To me, my software is something I enjoy and something with which I can help people – so I do it but I’ve never thought of it as a business and I probably won’t either since I have no plans to sell any of my stuff. So this site is at best semi-professional and at worst, just a guy trying to strut his stuff online :p I don’t want a layout that is clean-cut and efficient, I want one which is functional, aesthetic and also reflects a little bit of the personality of the site (hence that guy with the laptop who keeps on popping up all over the new layouts <g>). I know I’m not hitting the mark exactly with any of the layouts so far and that is why I keep on doing new ones. I probably like the latest one the best but the falling water effect isn’t really obvious in the frame that I did and so I’m not too happy with even that :p

In development related news, I finally managed to access the SourceForge CVS yesterday (incidentally, if anybody has problems with committing to SourceForge with WinCVS and Putty, you can now ask me :p) and committed my changes for QBoard. I haven’t heard from Joel since then and so I don’t know what he thinks of my changes. Either way, I’m probably done with that project since something new has just come up – a job to create a custom component for ASP.NET – so I’m probably gonna work on that one for a while. I really should stop messing around with so many development languages, shouldn’t I? :p

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