January 13, 2003

I probably will be home for at least today or maybe even tomorrow as well since I am not feeling too well. Of course, I knew this bout of sickness was on it’s way and so I went into work yesterday and downloaded PHP Triad. Who or what is PHP Triad you may ask? It’s a cumulative installer which installs the Apache web server, mySQL and PHP on your machine – and it’s for the Windows platform. Since I’ve been working on the QBoard project, this seemed like the perfect development environment for me when I’m at home since then I won’t need to be online to test out my changes. I installed PHP Triad yesterday evening and it seemed to work well enough but the default PHP Triad installer comes with PHP 4.0.5 but I wanted a later version since my host server runs PHP 4.2.x. Fortunately, I’d also downloaded PHP 4.3.0 as a separate download and it was the work of a matter of few minutes to replace the PHP 4.0.5 installation with PHP 4.3.0 and I was all set.

I still have not started work on actual QBoard development from home but I did bring the source with me and Joel (who is the guy who originally coded QBoard and released the source and put it on SourceForge) wrote to me today to tell me that I’d been added to the SourceForge project and that he was waiting for me to finish my changes so that he could get a new release out that has a built-in installer. So I guess I should better get cracking :p

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