January 8, 2003

Spring comes early …

Well as you can see spring has sprung early at SM :p I’ve been changing stuff around since I’ve been using the default MT layout for ages and wanted to have something different and unique here. So I set to work with PhotoShop yesterday based on an idea I had day before and while the final result is not exactly what I had in mind (I couldn’t find an image to fit what I had in mind), I am pretty satisfied with what I finally got here 🙂 I need to add a few touches here and there maybe to the borders to make them kind of individual and then use the same borders on all the archive pages but that should be about it.

I’ve been doing a lot of website related work recently since I’ve been consolidating everything to my domain at farook.org. Of course, somebody e-mailed me to tell me that farook.org is blocked from his work and that he won’t be able to read my site(s) from work any longer and I have no idea what prompted that particular action on the part of his employers. I am just curious as to why my domain was blocked but then again, strange are the ways of employers :p But getting back to web site changes, I would like to make SM the site which leads to all matters personal for me and keep The Developer’s Corner as the development/coding related site. So expect to see stuff being moved around during the coming weeks :p Once I get all that done, then I want to add a few more sub-domains for various non-development related stuff but I guess I shouldn’t get ahead of myself and wait till I actually have something in place before I talk about all that 🙂

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