January 7, 2003

I’ve consolidated all the little adjuncts to this site into one place – now the forums are at forums.farook.org (sorry about the logging in problem that some people may have experienced during the changeover but it’s now fixed) and Solipsistic Meanderings is at sm.farook.org while the picture gallery I recently put up is at album.farook.org 🙂 I intend to add a couple of more sub-domains in the future which will add further functionality to the site but for the moment I think I am done with adding sub-domains and will now have to think about navigation.

I have been toying with either making the UI for this Blog a little more categorized so that people can get to all of these locations easily instead of having to hunt through a bunch of links on the sidebar. I did do the UI a while back and kind of worked out the kinks yesterday but have not uploaded it yet. Maybe I will do so today. If I don’t go with a revamped UI, then the other solution that I have had is to use a CMS (Content Management System) to do the main page and make this Blog just a part of that CMS. I don’t want to lose all my old entries and comments however (otherwise I would have simply switched over the main page to an MT blog maintained using BlogMan) and so will try to find a CMS which allows you to display external pages in some manner or form.

In my quest for such a CMS, I did try PostNuke yesterday but while I did get it to install, it seems a bit too bulky (and a bit buggy too since I could get the user page and the admin page working but not the main page) for my purposes. So I’ll probably drop PostNuke and look into XOOPS and e107 (which was suggested to me yesterday by Phil). If one of them works out, that would be good but if not, I can always use the layout that I’ve already created :p Speaking of layouts, I also want to do a new layout for SM but I’ll talk about that plus a few changes at SM itself over there – if I get the time that is :p

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