January 4, 2003

Things have been rather hectic for me the last few days on the work front but I’ve decided to keep this journal to development related stuff and so you’ll have to read the other journal if you want the dope about why I’ve had a hectic week/New Year :p I wasn’t sure that this stuff I’m going to write should be on this journal either but since it’s about “site development” I guess it qualifies 🙂

First of all, I installed 4Image (sorry, don’t have a link handy and not even sure that’s the right name for the script set) which provides an online image gallery. If anybody’s interested, you can see a couple of shots of my ugly mug here :p I did it at first as a sort of test to see how good 4Image was but now I’m actually thinking of adding more pictures of family and perhaps even of Sri Lanka so that people can see where I live and the people around me of whom I talk all the time – or not so much :p

I’ve also been thinking of discontinuing the mirror sites and consolidating all the different areas of my web presence into one location so that I avoid some of the problems involved with multiple sites currently – such as the problems with updating and keeping multiple sites consistent. I also would like to bring all the mailing lists under my own control since the domain supports mailing lists but I don’t know how much of a support mechanism there is for mailing lists since I kinda like the archival features provided by Yahoo Groups. Existing users would not have to resubscribe since I can simply take the list from Yahoo and recreate the list here at farook.org – at least I hope so.

There are other things I want to do – new efforts I’d like to launch along the GroupHug lines to try and help people in our own little ways but I will not get into it all since I need something to write about tomorrow too – plus, I obviously will not get around to doing this all so soon :p

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