January 3, 2003

And it goes on …

Yesterday was full of meetings again. My boss (the managing director) doesn’t want to have to fire me I guess (since that would still make him look bad) and so handed it over to my other boss (the editor-in-chief) and I guess basically asked her to evaluate if I can fit in or not. Now she does not want to be a bad guy and so she was basically putting it up to me as to whether I wanted to stay or go. I said that I was doing the best I can under the circumstances and would be happy to do better if somebody can tell me something specific about what is wrong with the newspapers. Of course, got no answer to that. but she basically handed all the newspaper work back to me and asked me to be in charge of them again – plus two other papers that I hadn’t been in charge of before. In addition to that, she wanted to get me involved in some new programs that the company is producing and we had a few meetings about that too. So yesterday was full of meetings and I still am not sure that the axe will not fall after all this since it has not gone back to the big man yet :p He might decide that I have to go anyway or something. Oh well … I’m getting tired of all the rigmarole.

In the mean time, I’ve received a tentative job offer from an outside source. Since that is not concrete yet, I will not talk about it or tender my resignation here either. In a way, I feel that I should simply hand in my resignation and leave but that would be a form of giving into all the intimidation. So I guess I’ll hang in there for the moment … Fun, fun, fun :p

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