December 12, 2002

Beauty seen through a lens …

OK, I never ever make a second post on the same day (make that “usually” :p) – I am compulsive about things like that but bad habits should be broken <g> Plus, I just saw something which evoked so much feeling in me that I *had to* write about it here. Somebody left a comment on one of my posts just now and I went over to their blog to see what kind of stuff they wrote – it was a photoblog called Days Come and Days Go and I was just browsing through when the photo accompanying one particular entry struck me. I still can’t define what particular thing about this photograph appeals to me but all I can say is that it evokes such a strong emotion in me that I could stare it for hours. It is lovely and it must be such a great talent to be able to see the beauty of nature through a camera’s eye and to present it to the rest of the world. I hope somebody else enjoys this “find” as much as I did 🙂

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Tags: Interesting
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