November 22, 2002

Some interesting comments were given by Duane on the subject of support – he wondered why I/we didn’t set up a chat room for Blog for one thing. This is something that I would be glad to do on some IRC server or other but I have a feeling that most of the Blog users aren’t the usual habitue of chat rooms on IRC – of course, I could be wrong :p The other option is to use IM but I don’t want to do that except on an individual basis since it can quickly become overwhelming to have a bunch of people IMing you about how to set up Blog or any other application. I am tempted to use Human Click, which if I recall correctly allowed a user to contact a live person if there was somebody at the other end or if not, leave a message for somebody to respond to. I’m not sure if Human Click (if that is the name of the service) is still around since this was a couple of years ago, but I probably will look into that as well as setting up easier forums somewhere else. That’s the best I guess I can do at the moment – except to write better documentation and you know, I won’t do that :p OK, maybe not won’t … it’s just that I can’t …

Not much in the way of coding. Greg tells me that the proxy support in BlogMan does not work and he’s done some research into it and given me certain things to look into – thanks Greg! I believe proxy support will be very important in BlogMan and want to get it working exactly right. So I’ll probably be doing some testing today but it’s hard to test proxy support when I don’t have a proxy to work with :p

I worked a lot on Nailer yesterday with Jen – we put the second iteration of the program into action and found quite a few bugs that needed to be fixed. It finally did what we needed it to do and all was well … I think :p I still need to do a few visual changes and then write some documentation and then Nailer should be ready to go. Since I wrote it especially for Jen, she’s going to have to decide what to do with it :p She tells me that she’s going to put it up for download on her site and I’ll probably set up a page for Nailer here too so that people have the usual FAQ, support stuff. Of course, that reminds me that I need to setup pages for BlogMan as well as a few other apps too – I hate doing that since I have to write documentation and stuff but oh well, I guess it needs to be done …

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