November 3, 2002

So it begins …

Well … the window into my soul is now open :p I made an entry today in my development blog about how I was writing more and more about personal stuff and that I probably should stop doing that – or at least parcel out the personal stuff to a different journal and the general user concensus seemed to be that I should start a second journal. With me, to think is to act (yeah, that’s almost like not looking before you leap <vbg>) and so I decided to come in to work, download Moveable Type and install it and so started this new blog …

Those of you who know me know that I develop Blog, an application to make web logging easier, and that I maintain all my other blogs using Blog. So why am I using Moveable Type for this blog? Two reasons: a) check out the competition and find new features to implement in Blog b) have always on access to this blog so that I can rant any time, anywhere :p Yes, Blog has a feature where you can e-mail in entries and have it automatically published but the situation in Sri Lanka (where I am) where the power goes off at any time and your computer can easily get damaged if you leave it on all the time, makes that a bit difficult. So we go with this and see how it turns out ..

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