July 31, 2002

I was going to write about some weird things I’d noticed about the cyclical nature of my life (but then again, my life’s always been weird :p Or is that the case for everybody? <g>) but there’s a lot of Blog news and so I decided to put off the metaphysical discussions for another day <vbg> I got most of the features that I wanted for the 6.1 release except for a weird problem that I can’t seem to always reproduce (and so can’t debug). Since you can define custom code snippets, I also wanted to have the ability to define toolbar buttons for those snippets for easy access – actually, I always rely on the right-click menu for the code snippets but somebody else may want the toolbar buttons … While you can define a toolbar button for a custom snippet and even the custom icon appears correctly, the toolbar buttons sometimes disappears after a restart of Blog! I still am not sure what causes the problem since the buttons sometimes disappears after the first restart while sometimes it takes two or three restarts …

In the mean time, Tyran found a bug with the Previous and Next tags in that they point to non-existent archive pages if there are breaks in your entries. This was due to my sloppy/lazy coding where I expected people to have at least one entry per week :p Yeah, I know – dream on <g> So I cleaned up the code to actually check when the next or previous entry occurs and then build the archive link based on that. While I was on that, I also fixed the Previous and Next tags to return just the archive file name and not the full link HTML code since that’ll allow people to better customize things to suit their needs. That’s the way it originally was but somewhere along the way I’d changed it for some weird reason :p

Everything seemed to be working fine till I checked my e-mail today <vbg> Tyran had discovered two new bugs in the Find feature – I think that man never sleeps, just stays up all night putting Blog through it’s paces :p I am kidding (hope you know that Tyran <g>). These are nasty bugs in that they completely disrupt functionality and I’m sorry that I let them through the first few beta cycles – hopefully, I’ll get them fixed today and then all I need to do is find the cause for the toolbar button bug and Blog 6.1 should be ready to be released 🙂

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