July 29, 2002

Another weird/funny step in the marriage drama <g> My parents had placed an advertisement in one of the local papers (which is a fairly common thing to do over here BTW …) seeking a bride for me. I assume they mentioned the fact that I had been in the US though I haven’t actually seen the ad myself. It has been about three weeks now and I would have thought that the ads would stop by now but it looks as if they keep trickling in since my parents keep responding to them :p Anyway, one of the latest responses they received was this weekend and they decided to get back to the respondent. The respondent had been the bride’s mother but it turned out that she actually was looking for a person who was to marry her daughter and then go to Canada! That seems pretty outrageous to me – here is somebody who wants you marry their daughter and take them away from them completely … and not only that, they want to tell *you* what to do (such as go to Canada <g>) even before you’re married in to the family. Of course, the whole marriage routine over here probably seems very bizarre to a lot of you from other parts of the world :p

Anyway, my Dad knew I’d refuse even without asking me (since I’d come back because of my parents and had no intention of leaving them … well, at least not yet – maybe when my Mom’s nagging about my hair gets to me <vbg>) and so he wished the mother good luck in finding a husband for her daughter and hung up. I still wonder though, why do people think that it’s going to be a bed of roses in another country? Not that I have anything against Canada, but I wonder how anybody could even survive with the global economy is the way it is – you can’t simply expect to land in a country and find a job that will provide for both you and your wife? Or can you? Ah well …

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